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PC280495 - Adult quillback rockfish in a huge sponge - species "sharp lipped boot sponge" which can be up to 1.5 m tal

Sculpin Gallery

grunt sculpin in cup DSC01970b best

Warbonnet and Gunnel Gallery

Decorated Warbonnet

Shark Gallery (includes Ratfish / Chimera)


Wolf Eel Gallery

P2165872 - mature male wolf eel

Flat Fish Gallery

Pacific sanddab-163722

More Fish!

manacled sculpin-1285475 - Synchirus gilli
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P5201485 - Male cabezon guarding eggs! He's about 1 m long! These fish usually bolt at the first sign of a diver - except when guarding eggs. So VERY fortunate to have had this photographic opportunity. The egg mass in this image is purple and near the cabezon's chin. There is a second silver-coloured mass further out of view that is presumably from a second female.
I was so lucky here as apparently, when egg-guarding, the males can be quite aggressive. This individual tolerated my presence while in this very alert position - dorsal fin and cirri erect.

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